April 12, 2010

Introductions Seem to be in Order

Here's an obligatory first posting on this new blog. Like so many people before me, I have vowed never to write a personal blog but of course, like so many failures before me, here it is. Unlike my predecessors though, I will update REGULARLY, or cancel my account. Nothing is more depressing than vast legions of abandoned blogs. Well, maybe an abandoned Angelfire page with thousands of animated gifs littering the twinkling star background is more depressing. Although really, don't these dudes make you happy:

To be honest though, I've had websites and run blogs before, and was really just missing someplace to write things. If my old friends will recall, in the past I have run such websites as MIA-Band.com, LesDeucePunks.com, and ran Chancy's Blog (a foray into the as-of-2003, still frightening and new world of blogging). Since then I've created purevolume websites, myspace pages, and currently run my own site TIMKRAACK.COM for all of my professional teaching duties.

So really this is just a return home for me, yet another waypoint in the littered trail of burnt-out web wreckages. I think every American should leave at least 4 abandoned websites behind them.

In the end I made this for a couple reasons: 1) I wanted someplace to write things that just don't seem appropriate for a facebook status update (meaning I want a journal but am afraid of turning mine into the Necronomicon)

2) I'm at grad school and need more ways to communicate my daily feelings and obsessions with friends back in Minnesota.
3) It's fun?

If you've made it this far into the blog post, you may be wondering if every post will be this long. I can assure they will, and I will do my best to fill them with pictures and links all the time. And because you've made it this far, I will even include a celebratory video just for you: