July 10, 2010

Microcuts Explained

Taking inspiration from one photo per day websites I decided to compose one short piece for piano every day over the past week.


By clicking on the word "microcuts" found in the labels on this post or on the label cloud to the right of this post, you can get to a complete list of the short pieces I've composed over the past week.

I took inspiration from certain things I had seen during the day or particular topics I had been thinking about. "Antichrist" was inspired by the Lars von Trier film of the same name, "Pluie" was inspired by a sudden burst of rain one afternoon, and "Day by Day" was inspired by a friend of mine who has overcome substance abuse problems. Other tunes, like "Shrew Dance" and some that didn't make it up onto the site were simply a result of an activity that I love doing: sitting at the piano and writing the dumbest thing I can make up.

The project has been extremely rewarding and I'm excited to keep recording, posting, and eventually notating and compiling these for some sort of collection. I probably won't keep writing new songs every day, but they give me something exciting and creative to do at the piano.

The term Microcuts comes from a song by the band Muse. Their song has very little to do with my pieces, but I've always liked the word and I thought it fit my short composition style well. I've composed pieces like this in the past, calling them flash-compositions after the same style of writing in literature called "flash-fiction". Although it might sound a little hackneyed to name my collection after a rock song, I like the word and think it applies well to these compositions.

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