August 26, 2010

Dead Kings of Norway - TEAM D Full Download

In my last couple years at St. Olaf I formed a band called Dead Kings of Norway. I wrote and recorded all of the music and for live shows, I had my friend Aarpn sing alongside me. I wanted to work in a genre of music I called Dance Metal, combining the hard hits of punk rock and metal with the danceability of club electronica. So, using Finale to compose, Reason to make instruments, and the lyrics of other bands and authors, I created Dead Kings of Norway and wrote the album Terrifyingly Efficient at Manufacturing Death

You can download the whole album beneath the cut.

August 7, 2010

CDs I Forgot I Owned Pt II

After sorting through the second massively heavy tub of Compact Discs I stumbled upon another set of recordings that I had forgotten that I own.  Here are a few of them:

Sum-41 All Killer, No Filler

I have both fond memories of this band as well as intense hatred towards them. They were funny, had catchy tunes, and are Canadian. On the other hand they ushered in a new era of trashy pop-punk and were a little too slick for me to really throw my trust into them. Despite any negative feelings though, their songs remain guilty pleasures. In retrospect, their lyrics were pretty vapid but their successful combination of 80's hardcore, straight-forward unoffensive punk, and rap makes me think of them as the band Beastie Boys would have been if they had signed to a major label early, and stuck with punk-rock. Also, "Fat Lip" was just such a great song! Plus I had crushes on all the punk-rock chicks in the video, even the girl who gets her hair shaved into a skullet.

August 5, 2010

Les Deuce Punks does Taylor Swift

Singer: Amy Hill
Keyboards: ME
Drummer: COZ

Yes, I mess up a whole lot. But that's what you get when you only practice a couple times and do one take.