August 26, 2010

Dead Kings of Norway - TEAM D Full Download

In my last couple years at St. Olaf I formed a band called Dead Kings of Norway. I wrote and recorded all of the music and for live shows, I had my friend Aarpn sing alongside me. I wanted to work in a genre of music I called Dance Metal, combining the hard hits of punk rock and metal with the danceability of club electronica. So, using Finale to compose, Reason to make instruments, and the lyrics of other bands and authors, I created Dead Kings of Norway and wrote the album Terrifyingly Efficient at Manufacturing Death

You can download the whole album beneath the cut.

I have plans to write more songs at some point, with less screaming (not good for the old vocal folds) and I wrote about three songs beyond these ones for the upcoming album Grrrl (which I just titled right now) but that won't be out for awhile. And even when it is "out" you may not even know about it! Anyways, go ahead and download this here album, listen to it, get a headache, and delete it. It's non-stop bumping action!

You'll have to download each track individually, SORRY! Also, if you get a 404 LINK MISSING page, just wait awhile, the song probable hasn't uploaded to dropbox yet. LASTLY, please right click and choose "save as" to download it your hard-drivez.

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