September 4, 2010

All The Love - The WMPT Sessions

My sister deserves a certain amount of credit for this, since without her I would never have heard of the Outfield. On our way to school when I was 12-14 and she was 16-18, we would play Big Innings: The Best of the Outfield over and over again. Their songs "Voices of Babylon", "All the Love", and "Your Love" have stayed with me for a long time.

I knew I wanted to do a version of one of their songs and settled on "All the Love". The original version is peppy, powerful yet sublime song with great gang vocals in the choruses. I decided to do a couple things different with my version.

I saw a lot of sadness in the lyrics that aren't really reflected in the original version. I saw themes of abandonment, unshared love, and frustration. I wanted to reflect this in my arrangment and did that mostly through delivery and my re-arrangement of the choruses.

The original choruses are really poppy and delivered quickly. I augmented mine rhythmically so that there was only one recitation of each line of the chorus. This also suited the solo-piano arrangement better.

I also added a dominant-chord turnaround to every verse that isn't in the original (a B major chord for those keeping score at home). I didn't like how the verses ended on an E major chord and then started again on an E major chord, and felt like I needed something to signal the return of each verse.

I also added a passing half-step between the B chord and A chord of the choruses...mostly because I did it by accident once and then couldn't stop doing it.

Besides those changes though, my version stays pretty true to the original, and I even kept it in the same key. My solo is improvised, so thus different, but I don't believe in doing the same solo more than once anyways.

Listen to The Outfield, THEY ROCK!

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  1. Just listened to this again. Great piano line here. Keep doing more of this!