October 7, 2010

Softer Side of Dead Kings of Norway: "Makes Me Sick"

For my techno-rock-punk music side-project Dead Kings of Norway I've always taken my lyrics from other sources and then titled the song after the source of the lyrics. In the past couple of months I've tried writing my own lyrics again and last week decided to write a pop song. The resulting song, "Makes Me Sick" is a big departure from my usual tunes. First off, it sticks to a very standard ABABCAB song structure, it's all sung (a goal of mine from now on), I wrote all the lyrics, and it doesn't have the frenetic perpetual motion of most of my DKON songs. Therefore, I'm not totally sure I should label it a Dead Kings song, but maybe I'll just hold it for a future collection. Hit the jump for a stream of the song, a download link, and a brief explanation of the song.

Download of "Makes Me Sick"

Don't worry, the song is absolutely in no way written from experience, I promise! Enjoy! I'm going to go back at some point and re-do the bass-line and probably re-record the vocals. Every so often if you listen closely you can hear someone practicing saxophone on the vocal track.

If you want to play along the chord changes are:

A-C#m-A-C#m x2
A-C#m-E-E7 x2

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