January 5, 2011

Album Review: Cee Lo Green's The Lady Killer

Let me first say that I hardly ever buy an album immediately after it has been released. I think the last time I went out and bought a CD the day it came out was You'll Rebel to Anything my senior year in high school. I actually drove to Best Buy in the middle of the day to buy it. I've also had release day deliveries of The Blood Brothers' last album Young Machetes and 7000 Dying Rats' Season in Hell. That's a whole lot of background to tell you that I did not buy Cee Lo Green's album when it came out last November. I'm writing a review now, after most people have already heard/bought/downloaded/torrented the entire thing already. I bought it on Amazon for $4 with a coupon. It was totally worth every dollar I spent on it.

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