July 10, 2011

X-Files Microcut - Brand X

I'm bringing back my pretentiously named "Microcuts" which are just bite-sized songs  written and recorded in less than an hour and writing songs about X-Files episodes. Because I didn't have this idea when I started watching the entire series in order about two years ago, I'm starting at the end of season 7, which is pretty terrible. For each of these I'll write a short song giving a synopsis of the episode I just watched, plus touch on any themes that might be present. The first song is for episode, "Brand X". Hear it in all of its glory below the cut.

July 9, 2011

Student Compositions - Walking on the Keys

I love sharing my students' compositions and I'm really proud of this one. Sofia is a mere five years old and has been moving somewhat slowly but has shown a lot of dedication. Plus she's cute as a button. 

I'm a little bit fuzzy on the particulars of the assignment I gave to her, but I believe my only parameters were that she had to use some system to show "high notes" and "low notes". I may have also required her to put the notes into four-beat measures. In "Walking On the Keys" she used tall rectangles to show notes that were higher (played with her right hand) and the shorter rectangles are played with her left hand.

I'm hoping to build off of of this composition by making the distinction between quarter-notes and half-notes as well as adding dynamics. I'll post the results!