August 1, 2011

Dead Kings of Norway - New Album and Track Up

So uh, it seems like I just stopped making pop music but I actually didn't. I've been grinding away at a new album for the past couple of months and am about halfway done. Now that I'm done with grad school though it's been picking up. The album is called ...All Hail New Laser Cat and it's really peppy and a complete departure from Terrifyingly Efficient at Manufacturing Death. It features some higher quality production, higher quality song-writing, all original lyrics, and dance-beats dance-beats dance-beats. I'm very excited about it.

Here's a new song from what will be ...All Hail New Laser Cat.

Also, I'm releasing all of the B-sides that never made it onto albums in the form of an EP called Laser Cat is Dead... (see what I did there?). They're tracks for albums that got aborted, tracks that didn't make it onto TEAMD and one track that doesn't fit onto the new album.

I've created a nifty Bandcamp website for Dead Kings of Norway. There you can download all of TEAMD and Laser Cat is Dead... as well as a brand spanking new song called "Picket Fences" that is a good taste of what's to come. I'm so excited!

Click the link below to get sent to the Bandcamp website. First 200 downloads are free and then I think you have to pay $1. You can preview tracks on the page and download whole albums at once. It's swell!

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