July 24, 2012

EuroTrip - French Afternoon July 23 21:30

This city is massive. I know that's a deep, resonant statement but I'm tired with jet lag and I'm trying to keep myself up until it's dark out.
But I'm serious, this place is huge. I got an eyefull of this from atop the Sacre-Coeur in Montmartre today.

It took a long walk up a many-staired hill (or pay for the shuttle) followed by even more stairs (300) in a thin spiral staircase to the top where you get a panoramic view of the adorable artistic neighborhood which houses it as well as incredible views of the entire city of Paris. I suddenly felt like a real country bumkin coming from Minnesota.

Other highlights of the day included a walk up to (but not up THE) eiffel tower, a walk around the Louvre (but not IN the Louvre) and other long walks down the streets of Paris.

I got my first taste of the metro, ate a mediocre Croque Madame, and even got propositioned by a recording outside massage parlor in the red light district. Oh, and don't get fooled by piano music coming out of a restaurant. It sucks you in and diaappoints you. I mean, it was still pleasant, and the cheese tray was decent but I want to hear jazz piano or stereotypical parisian music, not arrangements of "Paint it Black" and Stairway to Heaven. 

But things are good here. It's hot, sunny, and busy and I'm having a great time.

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