July 24, 2012

Eurotrip - Paris July 24 23:45

Who wants to wait in lines today? Me me me! If you want to go the Eiffel tower, and you don't want to take the stairs, plan on spending the entire day in line. That being said, we took the stairs. There's not much to say about the Eiffel Tower except that it is tall, pretty awesome, and it confirmed previous observations of the large size of Paris.

I think I took at least one boring picture.

Oh, and I managed to snag one of Justin.

You're required to take an elevator for the last part,which is where I shot the following video on the way back down:

The Eiffel trip took a long time so we retired for some lunch on the street (where we always eat) before hunting down the Musee Rodin where I spotted that cute little bust of Gustav Mahler amongst other, more well known pieces.

The plan was to go see some catacombs but they closed early and the line was 2 hours long. BUMMER! So we're relaxing at the hotel for bit before heading back out for some more tonight.
Oh, and the best meal I've eaten so far this trip was a chocolate croissant this morning.

UPDATED: We went out for the best night (of two) so far. A trip to the Latin Quarter and the Sorbonne showed me my favorite part of Paris that I've seen. We were also met with an interesting dillema. It seems that most restaurants open at 7:00ish, but museums and buildings close at 6. So we arrive in Le Latin Quartere around 6 but the restaurant we wanted to eat at was LE CLOSED. So we tooled around the Sorbonne unable to actually enter any buildings, visited little bookstore with some expensive antique or otherwise imported books, and walked around a garden/zoo/archeological museum.

This bookstore was odd. They had some antique postcards, oldish French books and some strange American imports all for a high price. I could have paid 20 euro for a Muppets Take Manhattan book but I thought that was a bit exorbitant. Also I wanted to eat dinner.

We ate a bit nicer Italian meal tonight with some ravioli (abourgine? No, spinach) and bruschetta. The bathroom was on the second floor. Yesterday's restaurant had it in the basement. And at both places the manager laughed and pointed me toward the bathroom without me even asking. HOW DO THEY KNOW? Also, these managers all look like the same man.

Can you tell I've been writing these on my phone? It explains the poor grammar and even worse overall quality of my writing. Short sentences because it takes me three hours to write each one.
This zoo we saw was pretty excellent, it was mostly closed but they just had a little yard with wallaby hopping around (see picture below) and some deer and two ostriches which we saw from outside the park. The deer looked pretty bummed out but probably only because the wallaby were having a great time and the deer were jealous.

After our fine Italian dinner we got some authentic Haagen-Dasz ice cream (brownie EXPLOSION!) and watched an illusionist street performer and some guy playing guitar and singing. Paris is awesome right at dusk. People start to dress up for nighttime partying, it gets cool, and there are tons of street performers. But it was getting late and we have more to do tomorrow. Plus we take off for our second city tomorrow, and then Ze Switzerland!

Things I learned today: if you don't want to pay for your water, ask for tap water, not just water.
Other things I learned: Step Up 4 in Paris is called Sexy Dance 4.

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