July 28, 2012

Eurotrip - Zurich to Munich, July 28

Well we're on our way to a new city again already. Munich treated me very well and got me pretty excited for the rest of the trip. We're at the halfway point right now with 6 more nights, now entirely in hostels. These should be interesting, at least our hostel in Brussels is just a double for the two of us.

I shaved last night for the first time since we arrived here. My face was extremely displeased, but it will thank me for the next couple of days without itching. We'll see if I get to it again over the final week of the trip.

We stayed up pretty late last night watching the Olympic opening ceremony. It was nice watching it on the BBC. If you have the ability to watch it off of network television I recommend it. There were no commercial breaks at all and the announcers mostly stayed out of Tue way. Because it went so late though (I think we watched it on delay and we're an hour ahead of England) we woke up pretty late this morning. After checking out and catching the train back into Zurich, we only had an hour until we had to go catch our train to Stuttgard. So we just walked down to the river and passed the time reading and people watching. It was a very pleasant way to start a travel day. The picture below of the boats was our morning. Oh and I didn't mention before, that canal has swans in it all the time. As if Zurich wasn't idyllic enough.

I never told the story of our entrance onto Zurich. Our train from Dijon left there around 8:15 so we didn't get into Zurich until like 10:30. Being in a brand new station, with a new language, and a new currency (which we didn't have) it took us some time to figure out what we were doing. Finally we figured out which train we needed, figured out how to buy a pass (the ticket and information windows were all closed for the night so we had to use the computer terminals) and then set out trying to find our damn train. After running around the city like idiots, chasing down trams and trolleys, we discovered that the train we wanted left from the station. Smart. We stayed in the Zurich airport Hilton, which is northwest of the city in Kloten, so the train dropped us off at the Kloten station and we ventured off into the great dark suburban landscape to find our hotel. It only turned out to be like a 15 minute walk down the road (they have sidewalks everywhere here) until we found the driveway to the hotel, but every minute in the dark late hours of a foreign country feels pretty long.

Zurich was awesome though. I pretty much summed that up with yesterdays entry I think.
Todays train ride to Munich is in two parts, first to Stuttgard (which I know has a musical significance but can't put my finger on it right now) then to Munich. This train ride has been incredible. Now I know why people but those goofy videos of train routes.

We've passed mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and castles. A castle built on a waterfall. It's really stunning. And these trains work really well. They're always right on time, comfortable, and don't have too many stops. Let's learn from this okay? I tried taking some photos but it seems like everytime I look up there's something new I want to capture, and unfortunately I rarely get it. So I'll put some up to give an idea but it's really the kind of thing that needs to be experienced.

Currently listening to: Beethoven Piano Concerto #1

I wrote a longer post that seems to have been devoured by my phone but in summary:

  • Stuttgart was bad news bears (see above video of our arrival)
  • Kids in the Munich suburbs wear black metal t-shirts just like US kids did in 2003.
  • I ate Jaegerschnitzle for dinner and it was awesome.

  • Basically we didn't do a whole lot today but travel, but now I'm excited for tomorrow 
  • the end!

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