March 29, 2013

App Review: Little Maestro

Little Maestro is a cute game. It may not do much, but it's cute, and sometimes that's enough.

Made by developer Ardozia (who have one of the best logos I've seen) this app lets you control a small band (er, barrel organ) playing a song on loop by exchanging the instruments involved and boosting or cutting their volume.

By swiping your hand left or right on each instrument you can swap them in or out to hear how the song changes. I only got the free version, but the song is nice even if it gets old pretty quickly. I imagine the rest of the songs are just as good. I really like the artwork on this game as well, with the hand-drawn instruments and wagon.

After reading their website, apparently there's supposed to be a plot that goes with this about a man and his barrel organ but none of that comes across in the app. The one thing that this game could actually use is some sort of plot or reward system. It hit me as reminiscent of a mini-game within a point-and-click adventure that never went beyond the basics.

Like I said, there's not a whole lot to it, but if you want a fun diversion with some nice art and a fun tune, I'd recommend it. I think it would also be good for very young children. The big wiping motion used is easy to master, although controlling the volume (moving the swells on the organ up and down) takes a bit more fine motor skill. As far as educational application it's not really useful. Beyond identifying how different instruments sound, I wouldn't really try to implement it into a lesson.

Check out the video below to see it in action (sort of)

Little Maestro App Trailer from Ardozia on Vimeo.

The Short and Sweet:
What: Little Maestro
Where: Available at the iTunes App Store
Cost: FREE!
Positives: Good concept, great artwork, nice music, good for young chilren
Negatives: Gets old quickly, no plot or reward system, no goals
Should You Download It?
If you have young kids, yes absolutely. If you're looking for something educational, probably not.

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