March 4, 2013

Drawings by Students

I love getting student-drawings, as I'm sure every teacher does. And just like other teachers I feel like the ones that I receive are far superior to everyone else's. I always encourage my students to draw pictures for me because I WILL and DO put them on my refrigerator, bulletin board, walls etc. Here are some of my favorites:

This bumblebee was actually drawn on the back of a end-of-term response form by a college student I was teaching in a group piano class.
The forms were anonymous so I don't know who made it but my memories of teaching those classes are so fond that this drawing hold a special place in my heart. These sheets were always really helpful, especially with responses like "I enjoy your sweater vests", and "You look like Adam Levine, and I think he's really cute!" So helpful!

One of my favorite high school students obviously knew where I was going to put this picture. He drew it for me on the last day I worked there:

I like it when students try to draw me. Here's one student's depiction of me in my natural environment:
Apparently despite being nearly six feet tall, my feet do not reach the ground. But look how happy I am! 

Here's another, more terrifying drawing of me from the younger brother of one of my students. 
I made the picture extra large so you can appreciate what a monster I am. I can't quite figure out if those are my arms or the piano bisecting the circle that is my midsection. Needless to say this is one of my absolute favorites. Plus on the other side of the paper it says in scrawled child handwriting (no different than my own) "Alex camera I love Tim piano". 

I've saved the best for last of course. Students like to write pieces for me, which I always encourage, but some go beyond the call of duty. A particular student of mine invented her very own musical note and excitedly told me about it at her lesson. I present to you, the blogging audience, The Fart Note:

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