April 14, 2013

Sticker Haul: Old-Time Bunnys and Grandma

I'm pretty sure my interest in stickers has turned into a legitimate infatuation. Yes, I'm now basically collecting them. Most of them end up on the books and folders of my students, but some of them...they never leave my apartment.

After discovering the trove of online sticker deposits a couple of weeks ago I ordered a bunch. Also, my Grandmother has been sending me large amounts of her own sticker collection (some of which have been very popular among the kids). 

I scanned a few to share with the world. Most of the ones that Grandma sent me were "classic" meaning pictures of flowers, ballerinas, puppies etc. Some of them are even the classic "lick and stick" style which my girlfriend assures me the kids will love but make me a bit nervous (child-saliva everywhere). 

Some of the ones I especially like are these gold-framed oval stickers. There's one sheet with ballerinas, puppies in baskets, fat birds, and a house that the kids have been devouring so far. This sheet I kept because they look like miniature Thomas Kinkade knockoffs. 

The second Painter of Light would be so proud

One of the sticker sets that I found on Amazon was "Old-Time Bunny Rabbit Stickers" edited by Maggie Kate. Dover books prints tons of these little tiny books with stickers in them and they are intensely precious. INTENSELY. 

As you can tell from the cover, it's basically just pictures of rabbits doing the following:
  1. Being normal rabbits
  2. Emerging from eggs (these are the annual reptilian rabbits)
  3. Rabbits being humans
  4. Some disturbing combination of the above
My favorite are obviously the rabbits being humans. Sure the ones with kids holding enormous bunnies are good, but the ones with a bunny dressed as a dapper gentleman and walking with a cane are the best. I included the scan below so you can see another of my favorites, grumpy apron-wearing mom rabbit.

I also got "Glitter Old-Time Cats and Kittens Stickers" (similarly by Maggie Kate) but these were more disappointing. Sometime I'll write about how glitter was made by God to punish humans for their waste and excess but for now I'll just say that I hate glitter. If you want to get an idea of what they look like, just imagine the above rabbits as cats and then coat them almost entirely in green glitter. I stuck the book in a plastic bag and may never speak of them again.

You may be asking yourself, did I buy those Lisa Frank stickers I was so excited for? Just wait.

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