June 16, 2013

Stickers: Grandma Delivers Again

In a previous blog post I compared myself to a drug dealer, peddling stickers to hungry piano students just practicing enough to get their next fix. If I'm a drug dealer, then Grandma is my Columbian connection.

Every month or two, my Grandmother in Indiana sends me a small manila envelope exploding with stickers. I just received another shipment yesterday and they are amazing. So amazing that Grandma herself had to open it and rifle through them a bit before mailing them off. That's quality control.

This particular collection is a package by Mrs. Grossman's, a Californian company founded by one Andrea Grossman, who claims to have invented the "sticker roll". In perusing their website I've also discovered that those textured stickers are called "dimensional stickers". Consider that your sticker education for the day.

This particular set contains flowers, bugs, paw prints, birds and of course; cats. Cartoon cats AND real cats. As you can see below one of the cats totally looks like a kitten version of long cat.

Here are the stickers, all piled on top of each other:

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