December 2, 2013

Project Overload!

I'm back. I'm so back.

It's been three months since my last post of any real significance. Just when traffic was starting to pick up and I was settling into a nice steady rhythm of posts BAM I got hit with a huge project at the same time the new school year started.

I've discovered since leaving school that
1) I'm really only capable of focusing on two projects at any given time


2) I live my musical life project-to-project

Since the middle of the summer, after I finished the latest Dead Kings of Norway album I've been working on setting Brecht's The Caucasian Chalk Circle to music, using a new translation by Alistair Beaton.

It's over now. I finished all 30+ musical numbers, had two awesome performances and it's over. It was at once the most exhausting, yet gratifying thing I've worked on. I've wanted to write a large-scale musical-theater work for a long time and I finally got my opportunity.

I'll write on that subject some other time, but my point is that I was working on this all-encompassing project for the past four months and I'm finally DONE. This was one of those projects where you divide your life up between "before the performance" and "after the performance". I worked on very little beside Chalk Circle (well, and my piano studio) and now I'm excited to move onto new things. I've got some good posts brewing about real-life piano teaching advice as well as other musical items.

New projects? A new Crystals in the Deep album and in a few months, some live performances of both Crystals and Dead Kings songs.

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