August 24, 2014

Advice Stickers

One of my favorite things to do with stickers is to make them into a functional reminder placed directly on the kid's music. Teachers know that simply writing a note or a comment on the page is often not enough to make a kid pay attention to what you want.

I had a student playing a piece in G-major, and I knew he wouldn't remember his F# in the key signature so I wrote a giant F# and put a box around it. He came back the next week without any F#s in the piece. I drew a circle around the F# and put some big arrows pointing toward it. The second week: nothing. If aliens had discovered this page of music by the time we were done with it, they'd assume that we worshiped some sort of god called F#.

Simple pencil marking just don't cut it sometimes. Why not use a sticker to create something eye-grabbing, fun, and possibly even relevant to your point.

"Play strong, like me!"

What better way to tell a student to slow down than with a giant-eyed turtle?

Threats of extinction are always effective
Let's ignore the fact that my student chose to write a bunch of note names in and instead focus on the glorious use of an advice sticker.

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